Orthopedic Massage

 Although going through the 12 -session series of Structural Integration is highly recommended, some may not be able to commit to the 3-6 month process or prefer to work with a specific issue. Orthopedic Massage is a comprehensive system capable of integrating a variety of  myofascial, neuromuscular and other manual techniques for the treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction, pain and injuries. Orthopedic Massage can be a great alternative or complimentary approach to the treatment of  myofascial pain and dysfunction previously treated only with conventional methods. Providing a system of treatment that incorporates a thorough assessment and a wide variety of manual treatment techniques, this system enables the practitioner to choose the most effective intervention for a particular issue.  After assessment has taken place a proper rehabilitation protocol is put into action consisting of the following:

1. Therapy to eliminate soft tissue pain

The techniques most commonly used at The Body Kinetic consist of;  active myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy techniques, craniosacral therapy, gentle joint mobilization (not manipulation) and massage.

2. Correction of structural imbalances to restore proper biomechanics

Your body structure can end up distorted due to a specific injury, disease process, or stress to an area from another cause. A structural evaluation is taken of the relative balance of both vertical and horizontal planes of the clients structure to determine how and where the forces of torque are disrupting your body. Myofascial techniques are used to ease the tensional patterns that are creating these asymmetries.

3. Restoration of flexibility and re-education of neurological pathways

By way of active isolated stretching techniques and mindful movement, the client (both assisted and on their own) increases flexibility in muscle, fascia and joint structures and helps to re-educate the neuromuscular system.

4. Restoration of strength and proprioceptive balance

After the first three stages, the muscle group is ready for strengthening through easy to do exercise routines to retrain and build strength in muscle tissue and stability around joint structures.

5. Building endurance

Endurance means being able to repeat an exercise. This is done through less intense weight but done more. This helps prevent re-injury of the muscle group, helps muscle tone, and creates proper posture.

Clients who benefit from Orthopedic Massage suffer from conditions including:

Chronic pain and sports injuries

Thoracic-outlet syndrome


Rotator-cuff injuries

Bicipital tendinitis

Shoulder impingement

Carpal-tunnel syndrome


Nerve entrapments

Progressive joint arthritis

Low back pain

Bulging discs

SI joint pain




The Body Kinetic

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